Raw material testing phase begins shortly after arriving in the warehouse fabrics. They do not all fabrics rubbing fastness, color fastness, wash fastness and weight tests are performed. At the same time off to rest 24 hours before the start of fabrics cutting machine to rest or steam from the winding voltages are eliminated by passing the ball. It is also effective in helping us in our standard of quality.

Implementing rigorous controls at every stage of the production process PIAMARA. PIAMARA to control the quality of products at every stage, the first time the production system, established on the principle of complete and accurate to.

Quality fabrics, the quality assurance team tests and controls on a regular basis are protected. The main task of the Department of Quality Assurance, quality of the product based on customer requests to establish a system to ensure the continuity of this system is to provide a regular and continuous operation.

Finished fabric input, up to shipment of finished goods product, constant for all transactions, customer follow-up and close adherence to the standards applied in the control process.

Quality System The main objective of each unit to the next unit in the production process smoothly resolve blockages in the sense of quality in the product influx. Production units, much earlier detection of problems.

Fabric made of the date of entry tests carried out by methods that customers demand, and it is evaluated according to the criteria of the customers.

Check-in for all the parties to the fabric, the control of all the balls, weight and precision made. Orders to be Applied to all parties, the Party on the basis of the wash test and pull-sized, cloth washing is being carried out with the rotation is to the amounts of pollution. Again multifiber test color fastness to washing, washing, pre-and after the color change control, combined with the colors used, the color flow testing, and post-pubescence and the touch controls are done washing.

Tests done on a completely customer-specified conditions, the basic rule under the conditions of consumer use is that accessories like the shape of the finished fabric. Kept in the same. Wash subject to such a strict control after the color change, color rendering after friction, nickel test, PVC control, Button-popper accessories such as eyelets on-resistance test of strength for the pre-studies, contains iron control, zipper opening and closing tests, after washing, control, test all the labels washing, sewing bobbins color Rummy, etc. Laboratory testing and control of this part of the process controls such as yapılır.Bütün plays an active role in pre-production, as well as random samples taken continuously tested during production tutulur.Yıkama tests, strength tests, random tests as nickel yinelenir.Özellikle printed products, printing washing fastness and rubbing fastness checks carried out in great detail.

All sorts of information obtained during these tests and controls, keeping all the data in the report is archived.

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