Marketing Department, on the basis of customer satisfaction, goal-oriented, structured according to the operating system. Functional teams formed according to customer groups, sampling, mold, pricing, ordering, purchase and installation of all the processes involved have followed with their own teams. Collaborative, reliable, high quality, fast service delivers our teams success. Being aware of the power of design and collection industry PIAMARA quick service and short delivery periods provide good service and products to our customers every day.

Since its foundation, the functions of marketing and customer relations PIAMARA separating the importance given to the quality of the service, configured as a separate department.

Department of Marketing, effective use of marketing channels, dynamic and experienced staff in various areas of potential service exporters and introduce our company to reach customers in the domestic market, introduces PIAMARA. The first process involved in the realization of customer portfolio PIAMARA introduced to a new file is transferred to Customer Representative Customer Customer RELATIONSHIPS Section. The new-customer transactions, and close follow-up of active service with the understanding that inherits Customer Relations to increase customer satisfaction while providing the Marketing Department focuses on active marketing activities, we intend to increase new customer acquisition and operational efficiency. New targets for marketing professionals, focuses on marketing activities for the widespread use of service areas.

Transactions with its customers in order to ensure the fulfillment of PIAMARA seamlessly to every customer is a customer relationship officer is appointed. Client Relations Department is responsible for the realization of identifying customer needs by working in close communication.

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